Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I have to admit I watch the MSM news mostly for laughs now. I've seen in my lifetime the news deteriorate to a point were it is nothing more than a propaganda wing for the DNC and the left. What amazes me is if you look through history you can not find any examples of where a  centrally planned socialist goverment has worked anywhere. You can see a lot of suffering and death but no success.
I'm convinced that the left in this country think it will work here because they are all so smart and that is why socialism has failed everywhere else, because they were not in charge.
There really is not a dimes bit of difference between the RNC and DNC esxpect for the fact the the R/R team is aware that increased spending with no action will lead to chaos. Time will tell
Here is a beautiful shot of the MSLSD crowd when there white lighter failed during the first debate.

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