Sunday, March 18, 2012

Texas Border War

I love Texas, they are doing what our almost worthless Feds won't do, protect our borders. Illegal aliens are becoming more of problem here in NC because of the economy. We need our state legislature to get tough like OK did two years ago.

Rueters story via Free Republic
Texas unveiled the second of six new ‘interceptor’ gunboats on Thursday, similar to Navy swift boats that plied the rivers of Vietnam during the Vietnam War, to patrol the waterways of the Mexico border.

The Texas Department of Public Safety, which oversees the Texas Highway Patrol and the Texas Rangers, said the 34-foot shallow water crafts would be deployed on the Rio Grande and the Intercoastal Waterway, which separates the Texas mainland from Padre Island.

“They have night vision capabilities, they have ballistic shielding, and the first couple of boats have fully automatic machine guns,” department spokesman Tom Vinger told Reuters.

Texas Governor Rick Perry has repeatedly called on the Obama administration to send National Guard troops to boost security on the Texas-Mexico border, which is heavily trafficked by often gun-toting drug smugglers from Mexico.

Vinger said the boats would mainly patrol the Rio Grande, and would be geared toward stopping smugglers of drugs, weapons and illegal immigrants.

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