Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I had a request to post a pic of the tanks I used to crew on while in the USMCR. Here is a decent pic of an M60A1 medium tank like I was a crewmember on. You know your getting old when the tanks you crewed on are either static displays or on the known distance ranges getting blown away.

Weight- 60 tons
Length- 32'4"
Width- 13'6"
Height- 12'6"
Ground Clearance- 18in
Track Width- 28in
Forward speed- 30 mph
Reverse speed- 10 mph
Engine- 750 hp Continental AVDS-1790 V-12 diesel
Vertical- obstacle climb 49 in
Maximum width ditch- 108 in
Fording Depth- 48 in
Main Gun- 105mm/51cal M68 rifiled gun with 63 rounds
Coaxial machinegun- M240 - 7.62mm with 5,950 rounds
Commander's machinegun- M85 - .50 cal antiaircraft gun with 900 rounds

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