Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fire Trucks

For the fire truck buffs a couple of pictures of some of the rigs at my station.
The engine is E31 our first out. It is a 2006 E-One Typhoon custom. It is equipped with a 535 hp diesel, 2000GPM Hale pump with the Hale Foam Pro CAFS. It has a 6-man cab with two extra pull down jump seats, internal intercom with headsets for all crewmembers; a 1000-gallon booster tank and all the ladders are carried internally. The second is Tower 31 it is a 1997 Sutphen 75+ elevated platform. It has a 1500 GPM pump and both straight stream and fog nozzles pre-piped. It has a small 300 gallon booster tank but it does carry it’s own 5 inch supply line.

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