Monday, August 25, 2008

Biden, Delaware ‘s Wind Bag

This is one of many great quotes that will come up with Senator (Gaffe) Biden. If this is the best they can come up with, Capt Bullshit must have been turned down by a few other Veep candidates. Some of other Biden tidbits will be his comments on the Haditha Marines, ( still waiting for an apology Joe) and during his abortive Presidential campaign what he said about Obama’s qualifications and his comments on guns

From Meet the Press, Sept, 9 2007

SEN. JOSEPH BIDEN (D-DE): " Well, what I saw, heard, learned is a little bit what you heard from a general just a moment ago. There was a big disconnect between the truth of the matter and the reality. I mean, the truth of the matter is that, that the—America’s—this administration’s policy and the surge are a failure, and that the surge, which was supposed to stop sectarian violence and—long enough to give political reconciliation, there’s been no political reconciliation. The reality is that we’re supposed to, as you said, stand up American—or stand up the Iraqis so the Americans could stand down. We’ve been hearing that for five years. We’re nowhere near being able to do that.
The reality is that, although there has been some mild progress on the security front, there is, in fact, no, no real security in Baghdad and/or in Anbar province, where I was, dealing with the most serious problem, sectarian violence. Sectarian violence is as strong and as solid and as serious a problem as it was before the surge started. "

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